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To book an appointment:

Call: 07880 755012 direct

Clinic: 01529 414121

Alternatively, you can send me an email from the contact page.

UK Sports Therapy
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Book Your Appointment

To book your appointment, please contact me on 07880 755012 or at the clinic on 01529 414121. You can also contact me on the contact page.


60 mins treatment - £40.

Price may be higher for home visits, depending on distance from Sleaford.

What to Expect From Your Treatment

Your initial consultation will often include a postural assessment and/or range of motion checks on affected joints to determine if there are any restrictions in movement or imbalances which might be contributing to current pain conditions.

Your first treatment will be tailored specifically to suit your particular needs incorporating whichever techniques I feel would be most effective for you. I would recommend no less than an hour treatment for remedial massage.

Follow up treatments will involve a mini consultation and re-assessment (if necessary) to determine if any changes in my treatment plan for you are required, so I can adapt the techniques and areas worked to ensure the most effective treatment.