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UK Sports Therapy
CNHC Registered

Sports Massage

I am qualified in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage Therapy. I regularly see clients with chronic conditions such as back pain and neck and shoulder pain, as well as more debilitating complaints such as osteoarthritis, migraine and frozen shoulder.

All the remedial treatments I offer are focused and specific with regards the particular muscles worked. I use my knowledge of the musculoskeletal structure to target and release those muscles which are commonly indicated in your particular condition.

  • Myofascial Release
    A non-invasive treatment using no oil, which works on loosening restricted connective tissue (fascia) which can often be a source of pain. Particularly effective in minimising the formation of scar tissue after surgical procedures.
  • Deep Tissue Massage
    This targeted treatment aims to locate and neutralise pain at its source. Incorporating Trigger Point Therapy, this allows me to find areas and ‘knots’ in muscle tissue which mimic your current pain pattern. Working these Trigger Points is an effective way of alleviating chronic and well as post acute conditions.

Book Your Appointment

To book your appointment, please contact me on 07880 755012 or at the clinic on 01529 414121. You can also contact me on the contact page.


60 mins treatment - £40.

Price may be higher for home visits, depending on distance from Sleaford.

What to Expect From Your Treatment

Your initial consultation will often include a postural assessment and/or range of motion checks on affected joints to determine if there are any restrictions in movement or imbalances which might be contributing to current pain conditions.

Your first treatment will be tailored specifically to suit your particular needs incorporating whichever techniques I feel would be most effective for you. I would recommend no less than an hour treatment for remedial massage.

Follow up treatments will involve a mini consultation and re-assessment (if necessary) to determine if any changes in my treatment plan for you are required, so I can adapt the techniques and areas worked to ensure the most effective treatment.